Pipeline Inspection

  • MLPipeline
    In-service and Out of-service line inspection
    Visual Inspection
    Coating Inspection
    Conventional NDT Inspection 
    Advanced NDT Inspection
    Pipeline Integrity  
    Sleeve Inspection
    Auditing and Consulting 

Advanced NDT

  • 1
    Advanced UT Techniques
    High Angle LW
    Creeping Wave
    Focused Shear Wave
    Stainless Steel and Austenitic Welds
    Dissimilar Metal Weld (DMW)
    Tank and Vessel Wall Climber
    Data Analysis

Reliability & Integrity

    Ensuring product reliability is indispensable because of the general increase in performance expectancy of the public. NDT Group Inc. delivers non-destructive testing and inspection services in a safe, experienced, and ethical manner. We are committed to continuous education, substantial training, and skilled performance in our quality control...

NDT Group Inc.

  • NDT Group Inc. provides non-destructive testing, auditing, and inspection related services to the industrial sector in Canada and worldwide. Our company offers a combination of basic and innovative inspection service, distinguishing itself as an advanced NDT provider.

Why NDT?

  • PepilineBird Through quality assurance and integrity of critical equipment and facilities, NDT technologies directly contribute to the protection of the environment, public health, and life itself. Failure modes result in negative social, financial, and environmental, implications. 

Our safety

     NDTG is devoted to developing a safer environment for society. Our safety performances are built with standards and industry requirements. Safety is a priority that we maintain in order to further customer satisfaction, and confidence. We are committed to continuous education, substantial training, and skilled performance in our quality control and safety protocols