Pipeline Inspection

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    In-service and Out of-service line inspection
    Visual Inspection
    Coating Inspection
    Conventional NDT Inspection 
    Advanced NDT Inspection
    Pipeline Integrity  
    Sleeve Inspection
    Auditing and Consulting 

Advanced NDT

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    Advanced UT Techniques
    High Angle LW
    Creeping Wave
    Focused Shear Wave
    Stainless Steel and Austenitic Welds
    Dissimilar Metal Weld (DMW)
    Tank and Vessel Wall Climber
    Data Analysis

Reliability & Integrity

    Ensuring product reliability is indispensable because of the general increase in performance expectancy of the public. NDT Group Inc. delivers non-destructive testing and inspection services in a safe, experienced, and ethical manner. We are committed to continuous education, substantial training, and skilled performance in our quality control...

Pipelines are a critical part of our civil infrastructure. Safety and Reliability are of the utmost importance. The potential for safety and environmental risks can be minimized through routine In-Line Inspections using Smart Tool Technologies or "Smart PIGS" (Pipe Inspection Gages). Problems and results identified from using these Technologies need to be validated and analyzed in the form or Pipeline Integrity Assessment digs.



  • Coating Assessments and Inspections
  • Corrosion Mapping - Internal/External
  • Automated UT Services (AUT)
  • Advanced NDT Services (Phased Array, TOFD, 3D Imaging Data)
  • CWB Sleeve Certified Sleeve Inspections
  • Diffraction, High Angle LW
  • DSAW/FW/ERW SeamVisual, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic & Hardness Testing
  • Full Defect Assessment and Mapping on ID/OD (UT, MT, RT, PT, VT, ET)
  • Detection of Deformations, Mechanical Damage, Cracking, SCC
  • Detection of Long Seam Flaws, Arc Burns & Manufacture anomalies
  • CE Samples and Grind Repairs
  • Correlation and interpretation of ILI Targets to as found conditions
  • Data Analysis


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The Data Analysis results in the inspection report is prepared according to the customer needs following a pre-defined scope of work for both parties:
Operational and inspection details:

  • Summary of results with regard to features, cracks, manufacturing defects, metal loss and geometries
  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure Calculation (MAOP)
  • Corrosion and crack assessment
  • Features details


Crack 1 ACAD 3 OLWe analyze inspection data gathered by pipeline inspection worldwide predominantly captured with ultrasonic and advanced NDT technologies which is used to detect corrosion, cracks and anomalies in liquid and gas pipelines.


  • Accurate assessments of Longitudinal Weld Seam and Girth Welds. Our flaw detection practices and sizing techniques utilize Conventional UT and/or Advanced UT Technologies to characterize in-service discontinuities and welding/processing related anomalies.
  • Our in-service inspection methods and techniques are applicable to many configurations in numerous industries. We work closely with our Clients and Engineering to provide solutions suitable for Fitness for Service (FFS).
  • Reliable crack-detection and in-service examinations can been a challenging task for many clients. Accurate flaw disposition and crack sizing is critical. NGI have the training, experience and know-how through R&D and proven results in the field. We provide unique and innovative solutions to Pipeline Integrity, Power Generation and Petro-chemical Industries.


NDT Group Inc. dedicated to maintaining a high standard of Health, Safety and Environmental performance. We believe that all work related injuries and illnesses are preventable. We are committed to maintaining occupational health and safety into all our business decisions to ensure the highest regard to safety of our workforce and the public. Our goal is to lead the industry in minimizing the impact of our NDT activities and promote a service line that has minimal effects on the environment.

NDT Group technicians are leaders in Pipeline Integrity Assessments, providing a first-class service with unparalleled experience and expertise. Our NDT Inspectors are familiarized and trained according to Oil and Gas's standards, codes and regulations (CSA Z662 - Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems). CSA Z622 addresses relevant industry requirements, safety and loss management systems, technology integrity management and other considerations. Intimate knowledge and familiarity of the requirements of CSA Z662 is a critical element in the safe design, construction and maintenance of pipeline systems in Canada


Non Destructive Testing (NDT) plays an important role in the quality control, not only of the finished products, but also of half finished products as well as the initial raw materials. NDT can be used at all stages of the production process. It can also be used during the process of establishing a new technology by product quality or when developing a new product. Outside the manufacturing field, NDT is also widely used for routine or periodic control of various items during operation to ascertain that their quality has not deteriorated with use

These are some of the NDT Services that we currently provide to evaluate materials, components, and welds:


Pipeline Integrity

  • ID/OD Metal-Loss features assessment with NDT systems (Automatic UT, Pit Gages, and Conventional UT)
  • Evaluation and Mapping out of Dents, Arc Burns, Buckles, Wrinkles, OD/ID Cracking, ERW/FLASH/DSAW Long Seam Flaws, Mechanical Damages and Stress-Corrosion Cracking
  • Advanced UT and Conventional UT sizing (Tip-Diffraction, TOFD, Phased Array) of ERW flaws and SCC type Cracks
  • Grind repairs on defects
  • Burst pressures calculation using Modified B31.G, 0.85DL and RStreng on Metal-Loss features
  • Result correlation from In-Line Inspection (ILI) results to as found conditions, interpreting ILI results and chainage of digs/features from Above Ground Marker (AGM) locations


Power Generation Inspection

  • Wind Turbine Evaluation of Extructural Welds
  • Turbine Components Inspection
  • Flow Accelarated Corrosion Assessment
  • Feeders Inspection
  • Piping and Tubing Inspection
  • High Energy Piping Inspections
  • Babbitt Bearing Inspections


Industrial Plants Inspection

  • Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  • Turbine Components Inspection
  • In-plant Piping
  • Storage Tanks
  • Welds
  • Piping and Tubing Inspection
  • High Energy Piping Inspection
  • Heat Exchangers Inspection
  • In-service and out-service Equipment Inspections


Mining Inspection

  • General Piping, Vessels and Tank Inspections
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections, Scissor Trucks
  • Power Plant and Boiler Inspections
  • Phased Array UT of Gear Teeth
  • Phased Array UT of Gear Teeth in-lieu of MT
  • Ultrasonic Thickness and Examinations of Welds, Forgings and Castings
  • Advanced crack sizing using Phased Array UT, Tofd, Tip Diffraction, High Angle LW
  • Corrosion Mapping - Internal/External
  • Automated UT Services (AUT)
  • Crack Detection, Sizing and Monitoring
  • Phased Array in-lieu of RT for Piping/Vessel Welds

Aut 1

Advanced NDT Inspection

  • ASME Code Compliant Phased Array and Tofd
  • Advanced PA of Complex Geometries
  • Advanced UT Techniques
  • Crack Detection and Sizing
  • Detection and Monitoring of Hydrogen Blistering
  • Internal and External Corrosion Mapping
  • Lamination Mapping
  • Corrosion Mapping (Automated UT)
  • Data Analysis

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NDT Group Inc.

  • NDT Group Inc. provides non-destructive testing, auditing, and inspection related services to the industrial sector in Canada and worldwide. Our company offers a combination of basic and innovative inspection service, distinguishing itself as an advanced NDT provider.

Why NDT?

  • PepilineBird Through quality assurance and integrity of critical equipment and facilities, NDT technologies directly contribute to the protection of the environment, public health, and life itself. Failure modes result in negative social, financial, and environmental, implications. 

Our safety

     NDTG is devoted to developing a safer environment for society. Our safety performances are built with standards and industry requirements. Safety is a priority that we maintain in order to further customer satisfaction, and confidence. We are committed to continuous education, substantial training, and skilled performance in our quality control and safety protocols