Pipeline Inspection

  • MLPipeline
    In-service and Out of-service line inspection
    Visual Inspection
    Coating Inspection
    Conventional NDT Inspection 
    Advanced NDT Inspection
    Pipeline Integrity  
    Sleeve Inspection
    Auditing and Consulting 

Advanced NDT

  • 1
    Advanced UT Techniques
    High Angle LW
    Creeping Wave
    Focused Shear Wave
    Stainless Steel and Austenitic Welds
    Dissimilar Metal Weld (DMW)
    Tank and Vessel Wall Climber
    Data Analysis

Reliability & Integrity

    Ensuring product reliability is indispensable because of the general increase in performance expectancy of the public. NDT Group Inc. delivers non-destructive testing and inspection services in a safe, experienced, and ethical manner. We are committed to continuous education, substantial training, and skilled performance in our quality control...

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