Pipeline Inspection

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NDT GROUP  are leaders in PIPELINE INTEGRITY Assessments, providing a first-class service with unparalleled experience and expertise.


  • Pipeline Data Analysis 
  • Visual Inspection
  • Coating Inspection
  • Conventional NDT inspection (UT, MT, RT, PT)
  • Advanced NDT inspection (Phased Array , TOFD, AUT)
  • Integrity assessment and remediation
  • Sleeve Inspection
  • Auditing and Consulting
Pipeline Integrity Assessment Service Capability                    
  • ID/OD Metal-Loss features assessing with NDT systems (Automatic UT,  Pit Gages, and Conventional UT)
  •  Evaluation and Mapping out of Dents, Arc Burns, Buckles, Wrinkles, OD/ID Cracking, ERW/FLASH/DSAW Long Seam Flaws, Mechanical Damages and Stress-Corrosion Cracking
  •  Advanced UT and Conventional UT sizing (Tip-Diffraction, TOFD, Phased Array) of ERW flaws and SCC type Cracks
  •  Grind repairs on defects
  •  Burst pressures calculation using Modified B31.G, 0.85DL and RStreng on Metal-Loss features
  •  Result correlation from In-Line Inspection (ILI) results to as found conditions, interpreting ILI results and chainage of digs/features from Above Ground Marker (AGM) locations

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Pipeline Data Analysis

NDT Group provides pipeline inspection and integrity services. We analyze inspection data gathered by pipeline inspection worldwide predominantly captured with ultrasonic and advanced NDT technologies which is used to detect corrosion, cracks and anomalies in liquid and gas pipelines.

Clip 7We offer the services of experienced technicians with in-depth knowledge of specialized non-destructive testing methods. Our personnel include level 3 certified technicians who have expertise in Audit & Surveillance services, and have trained as Lead Auditor ISO 9001: 2008, (RABQSA). We currently have technicians certified by the Canadian
Government Agency (CAN/CGSB), the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), American Petroleum Institute (API), the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and certified by the U.K. agencies: TWI Certification Ltd (CSWIP), and Personnel Certification and Non-Destructive Testing (PCN).

Pipelines are a critical part of our civil infrastructure. Safety and reliability are of the utmost importance. The potential for safety and environmental risks can be minimized through routine In-Line Inspections using Smart Tool Technology. Problems identified using this technology need to be validated and assessed in the form or PIPELINE INTEGRITY ASSESSMENT digs. 

Pipeline Construction Service Capability

  •  Gamma (ɣ) and X-Ray Radiography of Girth welds
  •  UT and PAUT Examinations of ERW seams and Girth Welds
  •  Visual Inspection of Pipeline Welds
  •  Assistance and support developing AUT techniques and procedures
  •  Auditing RT Film and Techniques


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