Pip5NDT Group Inc. (NGI) provides Nondestructive Testing, Auditing, and Inspection services to the industrial sector in Canada and across the world. Our company offers a combination of basic and innovative NDT Technologies, distinguishing itself as first-class provider.

NDT services directly contribute to the safety of society. Quality assurance and integrity of critical equipment and facilities are instrumental in the protection of the environment, public health, and life itself. Failure modes result in negative social, financial, and environmental, implications.

Whether it is in fabrication, pipeline construction, manufacturing, pipeline maintenance, chemical or petrochemical plants, offshore and power plants our Non-Destructive Testing Services provide quality assurance and process safety. NDT Group Inc. (NGI) has a worldwide track record with proven performance on new construction, in-service inspection and expansion projects as the total NDT Solution Provider. NGI covers conventional and advanced NDT services, provided by certified inspectors to international standards. NGI understands better than most that the excellence of any service commences with excellence and the implementation of detailed and successful inspection procedures, state of the art equipment and most of all our professional people.

These are the NDT methods that we currently provide to evaluate materials, components, and welds