Data Analysis

PATFigure1NDT Data Analysis

  • Pipeline Data Analysis
  • AGR Super-View
  • Tomoview-Olympus
  • Ultravision-Zetec
  • ProScan-AUT Solutions
  • Pipe Wizard-Olympus
  • GE-Weld Star


The Introduction of Advanced NDT/NDE technologies to the industry is intended to provide an innovative and precise solution to many unique, difficult geometries and applications. The evaluation and analysis of acquired data plays an important role on cost-effective quality control. Anomalies, geometries and flows need to be identified, classified and monitored.

Data Analysis
  • Classify and identify all geometric references to create a localization framework
  • Introduce pre-determined settings to identify features and anomalies
  • Classify and size features following tool specifications and customer requirements
  • Develop a preliminary or initial report

The data analysis results in the inspection report is prepared according to the customer needs following a pre-defined scope of work for both parties:

  • Operational and inspection details
  • Summary of results with regard to features, cracks, manufacturing defects, metal loss and geometries
  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure Calculation (MAOP)
  • Corrosion and crack assessment
  • Features details

Pipeline Data Analysis
NDT Group provides pipeline inspection and integrity services. We analyze inspection data gathered by pipeline inspection worldwide predominantly captured with ultrasonic and advanced NDT technologies which is used to detect corrosion, cracks and anomalies in liquid and gas pipelines.

We offer the services of experienced technicians with in-depth knowledge of specialized non-destructive testing methods. Our personnel include level 3 certified technicians who have expertise in Audit & Surveillance services, and have trained as Lead Auditor ISO 9001: 2008, (RABQSA). We currently have technicians certified by the Canadian Government Agency (CAN/CGSB), the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), American Petroleum Institute (API), the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and certified by the U.K. agencies: TWI Certification Ltd (CSWIP), and Personnel Certification and Non-Destructive Testing (PCN)